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Santa's Kingdom

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Please coordinate with all your float members about these rules


 Driver’s Check list

  • You will line up behind SFJH off 6th st.
  • The number you receive goes on the right side of your entry
  • Make sure your number is easy to see
  • When checking in be sure and get your green vest for the walkers ( 4 only )
  • Drive slow make the parade last longer
  • Always coordinate with your walkers
  • Keep two car lengths between each float(parade is more organized and safer)
  • Make sure your walkers are not running to keep up with your float(slow down)
  • We will stop  for judging and pictures(show your best )
  • All candy must be thrown underhanded
  • There should only be 4 walkers in green vest( where we can identify the walkers )
  • We have the only Santa in the parade ( no other Santa’s will be allowed )
  • The trophies for the parade will be awarded on December 12th @ 9:00 pm @ Santa fe High School

    Walker’s check list

  • Coordinate with your driver always be seen
  • Only 4 walkers in green vest ( to be identified by  the parade security )
  • All walkers must have flash lights-Shine it on people that get to close to your float
  • Anyone that gets to close to your float ask them to step back
  •  Monitor your float (Stay by the wheels ) (to keep anyone from getting ran over)
  • Keep your float safe make sure everyone has a place to hold on to
  • Explain to your riders that when you stop and go you could get thrown around
  • Spread out your candy make sure you have enough for the whole route
  • Every year everyone runs out to early ( bring more candy ) 
  • We are giving a new trophy out (The organization that donates the most to the toy and food drive will receive the most donated trophy.)


                                        Horses Responsibility’s

  • All horses must be at the end of the parade
  • Keep plenty of distance between your group and the other groups
  • Put your number where it can be seen ( On the right side of your horse)
  • You can park your horse trailers behind the Junior High Gym


  • Do not park on the side of the road on Warpath
  •  Note ** Throwing candy is a privilege!!!We will remove anyone that abuses that (409)-443-6070

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