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Santa's Kingdom

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Volunteer Your Time

We will need volunteers to act as parade assistants, servers, and clean-up. There are lots of small and large tasks, a wonderful opportunity to get the whole family involved.

Make a Donation

 Santa's Kingdom -  Donations for 2012
Envelopes Business size-   700                                                                                Donated by Deborah Santini
Copying Paper - 4900 sheets                                                                                  Donated by Santa Fe Motors
Cannon printer (17) bk#8, (13) bk#5, (4) yel#8, (4) rd#8, (2) bl#8
Stamps 700 or Metered stamp machine
Table Cloths (30) (christmas colors)                                            Donated by Latonia Wilson District Clerks Office
Masking Tape 2" (4) rolls                                                                                         Donated by Deborah Santini
Trash Cans (10) with bags
Plywood 3/4" (15) sheets -  Treated
Plywood 1/2" (15) sheets -  Treated
2X4X8 Studs (30) boards - Treated
1x2x8 trim boards (30)       Treated
Construction paper (15) sheets ( white or orange )                                                    Donated by Deborah Santini
White exterior paint 1-5gallon can                                                         
Red exterior paint 2 1gallon cans                                                     
Christmas decoration   inside and outside                                 Donated by Santa Fe Junior High Student Council
Candy to throw out in parade
Organization to hand out our fliers before parade starts
Barricade tape (4) large rolls -To block off traffic
4-Wheelers to help with security of parade as many as possible
Uniformed group to dirrect traffic
Drop off locations -We will put your name on our main flier
Clean up crew to clean up behind parade
Santa's Kingdom t-shirts for the security crew
Print shop to word up our signs advertisement
Bucket truck to hang 40ft. Banner across hwy 6 December 01,09
Organization to tape our flier on business'doors
All business' to advertise Santa's Kingdom on their marque sign starting on December 01,09
Need all vendors to sign up as soon as possible
Snow for christmas at the festival ( cost $2000.00 ) 
Group to decorate sfjh inside café' on december 18th after 3:00pm
Trophies for all category's ( cost $300.00 )
Donatioin containers (sealed) to go in stores on their counter top
Organization to hand out our fliers at the christmas tree lighting dec.3,09
Money Donation                                                                                                 Donated by Bryan Lambs Office
Printing copys of our fliers to go on business doors                                  Donated by Farmers Insurance on hwy 6 
Printing vinyl letters for roadside signs                                              Donated by The Hebert' Family-Conroe Texas
Up-dating santa's kingdom web site (         Donated by The Hebert' Family-Conroe Texas
Money  Donation  $100.00 Towards Ink                                                            Donated by Mike Thiler and Family
Adds in the news paper for Santa's Kingdom                                                      Donated by Santa Fe Good New's
Adds in the news paper for Santa's Kingdom                                                     Donated by Galveston Daily New's
Address labels for mail outs                                                             Donated by Santa Fe Chamber Of Commerce
Handing out fliers                                                                                         Donated by Santa Fe Sonic Drive-in
Donation of use of the santa fe Junior high cafeteria and parking lot        Donated by SantaFe ISD Maintance Dept.
Donation of use  of parking lot to disband christmas parade                                        Donated by Big Chief Foods
Help with stagging of the christmas parade and festival                      Donated by Galveston County Adult Probation